Cadets host annual prom

This year's prom was Hawaiian-themed.

“Are you going to prom?”

That was the main question asked at Monday night’s dinner. Talk of various video game and technology conferences came in at a close second.

But before dinner, The Cadets had their typical full schedule. The day began an hour later than usual, giving members a chance to sleep in a bit. Once they woke up, they were greeted by a rainy, overcast day. Although the rain threw off the schedule a bit, The Cadets didn’t miss a beat (pun intended). Things cleared up enough by noon, allowing the corps to put down a few more pages of drill.


Inside, the admin staff worked on preparing the admin RV before we set off on tour. Finding affordable mattresses that actually fit into the RV has been a bit of an ongoing saga. In between calls to local mattress stores, staff also worked on preparing the corps for their venture out to IUP on Tuesday afternoon. 

The corps unexpectedly joined the admin team around 4 p.m., when rain started to come down pretty hard. Fortunately for all, The Cadets were able to eventually get back out on the field for ensemble, where they worked on cleaning the push into the ballad.

After ensemble, the corps went to work on making this season’s recordings — running through Side by Side and a few other tunes. Dinner followed shortly after, and the rest of the night was spent at prom.


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