USBands Indoor Celebrates 5 years!

The scheduling process for 2014 has begun...

USBands ventured into the world of indoor color guard and percussion five years ago. Since then, there have been ups and downs, but we look to compound on last years unprecedented growth and celebrate our fifth anniversary in style. South Brunswick_Indoor Drumline.jpg

(South Brunswick HS Percussion Ensemble)


Currently we are working with the Rutgers Athletic Center to secure Championships on Saturday March 29. Yes, this may seem early, but it is concurrent with what other schedules we have looked at. The schedule will be assembled during the course of the summer and fall this year and made available during the marching band season. We are in the initial stages of taking the first large significant steps into the indoor world and value your opinion. Registration for this Championship event will open before the start of the school year, so you can reserve your spot as quickly as possible! 


What’s new for 2014?


Nothing! Last years decrease in membership fees put us on par with other local circuits. In order to grow and continue our success, membership fees will not be raised, and will remain the same as 2013. 



It is very important to us that the judging criteria of USBands remains educationally sound. For 2014 we will introduce the “National/4A” Class, which will be defined by an advanced skill set, and become the home for groups above the current AAA class. The structure of the classifications will now more closely resemble other area circuits, making it easier for groups to transition into USBands, and also allow more advanced groups to be successful on a national level.

If you are in the northeast area and are interested in hosting a fall show click here  to fill out an interest form. Every USBands indoor show features color guard, drum line and dance units and we promise to deliver the same amount of great service and adjudication you expect in the fall. 

first 2013 usbands indoor show

(Bridgwater- Raritan HS Guard) 

Any questions regarding participation or hosting for the upcoming indoor season can be directed to Melissa Reese at or 610-821-0345 x129. 

Link to 2014 Interest Form - Hosting an Indoor Show with USBands


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