Mini trip to Indiana, Pa.

Cadets On Tour
Cadets On Tour

The corps spent the hour-long journey on school buses

You don’t know suspense until you’ve watch corps members walk past each other across a muddied pathway — one side carrying their uniforms, the other side carrying plates of meatball subs and nachos. Thankfully, no accidents occurred.

Backing up a bit, the day started off normally enough. Bad weather and a booked stadium put The Cadets in the field house for the morning. Fortunately, when it was time for visual rehearsal, the corps was back in Richland Stadium. Drill-wise, The Cadets put down a good number of new sets, putting them further into the closer.

But due to more scheduling conflicts in the afternoon, The Cadets headed to Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s George Miller Stadium. The corps traveled in style on yellow school buses for the hour-long journey to Indiana, Pa. The convoy set off a minute ahead of schedule, setting a good tone for the rest of the day.

The admin staff used the trip as a dry run for tonight, when the corps will finally head off to begin tour. Not only that, but much of the trip to IUP and the time spent parked outside the stadium was used to organize the admin RV (which finally has new mattresses that fit in the bunks).

Meanwhile, on the field the corps worked on cleaning the show. There was definitely a high energy level, considering their excitement for Kick-off Weekend and the beginning of tour. Thankfully, the excitement sustained them up to our 10:45 p.m. departure time.


The convoy arrived back in Johnstown shortly before midnight, just as dinner was being set up outside the food truck. Although it was a bit later than usual, the corps got to enjoy a “moonlit” Thanksgiving dinner. And, not to spoil anything for tomorrow’s update, but there was still plenty of leftover pumpkin pie at this morning’s breakfast.


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