Be Among Our Dinner Guests This Friday

Current guests attending Friday's Beefsteak

We're truly excited about what we hope to be the first of many Cadets season kick-off dinners this Friday, June 14!

Below is a complete list of special guests who will be attending this highly anticipated event.

We hope you'll join us for dinner this Friday, June 14. What better way to support the corps than to mingle with Cadets staff members and watch The Cadets perform just for you?

Today is the final day to order tickets to the Kick-off Dinner, as we must submit a final number to the caterer tomorrow morning. If you'd like to join us, please click here to purchase tickets!


Honored Guests

Joseph D'Arrigo & guest
Donna D'Arrigo
David Helms
Charity Musielak

Cadets Staff Attending

George Hopkins
Gino Cipriani
Colin McNutt
Jeff Sacktig
Adam Swan
Adam Wiencken
Andrew Angle
Austin Greene
Ben Pouncey
Brendon Foley
Chris Watson
Jarrett Lipman
Jason Ihnat
Justis MacKenzie
Katie Hopkins
Mike Scott
Mike Zellers
Nate Foreman
Nicole  Wedburg
Patrick Duncan
Sean Furilla
Steve Bentley
Steve Scher

Guests Attending

Scotty McGarry
Joseph Wegrzyniak
Ken Shedowsky
David Shaw
Alyssa Cimino
Benny Margherita
Andrew Silverman & guest
Monsignor Rielly
Annette Frenzel
Cheryl Bender
Ed Frenzel
Greg Cinzio
John Day
Joseph Cinzio
Lynn Cinzio
Sophie Cinzio
Marie DiDomenico
Nancy Day
George Lea
Duane Evans
George DeOld
Linda Evans
Lisa Miglietta
Elena Pych
Gregory Pych
Denise Schlachter
Ginny Magda
Margee Gearhart
Patricia Trojanowski
Patrick Vazquez
Renee Strutton
Robin Karpinksy
Ted Kozel
Barb Messina
Cindi DeVivo
Jim Messina
Jim Mallen
Cheryl Mallen
Ted Magda
Joseph Delosa
Mary Walker
Melanie Denburg
Richard Denburg
Patricia Gaydos
William Gaydos
Stephen Tipping
Mark Emr
Cheryl Gillick
John Gillick
Brian Toth
Megh Toth
George Lucas
Trudy Lucas
Brian Wilkie
Caryn Wilkie
Bill Selis
Dorthy Selis
Bob Schultz
Dottie Schultz
Fabian Izsa
Father Meno
Gerry A.
Irene Izsa
Marge Janusz
Anthony Bartello
George King
Jim D'Amico
Tom Adamo
Walter Taoromina
Bob Phillhowe
Owen McGarry
Richard Kozel
Frank Mulvaney
Kathy Mulvaney
Jacqueline Murray & guest
Donna Polzo
Theresa Polzo
Christopher Rusca & guest
Donna Steidl-Kurley
Howard Steidl
Kim Steidl & guest
Judy Anne White
Ann Wiltd
Linda Wildt-Perrotta
Bill Speakman
Joseph Yutus


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