Cadets prepare to leave Spring Training

Cadets Finish Up Spring Training
Cadets Finish Up Spring Training

A few weather issues delayed the corps' departure

The last day in Johnstown turned out to be just a bit longer.

Originally, The Cadets were scheduled to leave the area at 3 a.m., but due to some unfortunate weather and a cancelled performance, our stay was extended into Thursday morning.

That didn’t change too much of the day’s schedule. The corps still had times set aside throughout the day to pack up their rooms and make last-minute runs out to Wal-Mart. In between, they managed to put down a few new sets and work through some trouble spots in the music.

Looking back at the past month in Johnstown, tuba section leader Lara Miller said that, other than a couple of really rainy days, she thinks this was the best Spring Training she’s ever been a part of.

“We got a lot of the show done, and we're moving at a fast pace,” she said.

A native of Harrisburg, Pa. and music student at West Chester University, Lara is in her third summer with The Cadets. As for heading out on tour, she said she just hopes that we get on the road on time and everything goes well weather-wise.

“I know that Allentown is really excited to have us,” she said. “A lot of our alumni go to the concert, so it's cool to see them.”

She is, of course, referring to The Cadets' YEAllentown performance this evening, which marks the beginning of The Cadets’ Kick-off Weekend. Following tonight's performance, the corps will head to Garfield, N.J. and then to Allendale, N.J.


And while Lara provided the outlook of an experienced veteran, hers is not much different from the outlook of a rookie. First-year conductor Josh Gardner said he’s loving his experience with The Cadets so far.

“I'm very excited,” he said. “I came in kind of late to Spring Training, but even in the past two weeks I've gotten to know a lot of people. I'm ready to see what it's like on tour.”

It’s Josh's first year with The Cadets, but he previously marched with The Academy in 2011. For this summer, he’s just hopes the corps is successful and has a good time on the road.


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