Cadets return to Garfield

Corps performed after the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Day 2 of tour is in the books. 

The day began a bit earlier for some than for others, as the field lining crew loaded into the admin RV at 7 a.m. to make the journey to Liberty High School. Others got their day started an hour later at breakfast, which included french toast and bacon.

Before breakfast was even over, the day's schedule already changed, and it was decided that there wouldn't be ensemble. The corps wrapped up practice at 3:45, giving them just over 90 minutes for EPL (Eat - Pack - Load). Fortunately for the corps, Liberty High School features some "Box 5" showers (at least that was the consensus of the admin RV). Great showers help to start off tour on the right foot. 


At this point in the day, the guard headed over to the housing site, while the rest of the corps traveled two hours to Garfield, N.J. for day two of the special events surrounding The Cadets' Kick-off Weekend. Inside the Russian Orthodox Church of Three Saints' Cultural Center, alumni and friends of the corps gathered for a beefsteak-style dinner and the official induction ceremony of The Cadets' Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

Afterwards, attendees joined the corps outside in the parking lot, for their scheduled performance of Side by Side and "Swing, Swing, Swing." The night ended with "Rocky Point Holiday," after the crowd goaded them into playing it.


As the corps loaded back into the busses and prepared to leave for Northern Highlands High School in Allendale, N.J., a few more kinks in the plan revealed themselves. While it's never good to have problems on tour, it's better that they pop up now, giving the admin staff a chance to correct the issues and prepare for the next two months.

The Cadets would like to thank Liberty High School and Northern Highlands High School for providing us a place to practice and sleep on Friday.


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