Kick-off Weekend comes to a close

Three-day tour celebration ended in Allendale, N.J.

The third day of tour began with an emergency -- a breakfast emergency.

Jay Travis, our transportation manager, stopped by the admin RV early Saturday morning to say someone needed to make an emergency run for more milk and bananas before the kids started making their way to the food truck.

But once that first hurdle was out of the way, The Cadets had a pretty good day of tour. Everyone was excited that we'd be spending all day at Northern Highlands High School. That meant no more traveling until much later. (Of course, the corps was pretty excited about the final night of Kick-off Weekend, too.)


Practices ran fairly smoothly. A lot of time was spent working on "Medea," in both sectionals and ensemble.

And in seemingly no time at all, it was 7 p.m., and time to start the night’s performance. Fans and alumni packed the stands at Northern Highlands Stadium to see The Cadets perform. Although The Cadets performed the very end of the show at a standstill, the audience did get to see the debut of the colorguard’s 2013 uniform. Even though the sketch was available online, it’s another thing entirely to see them in person.


On that note, fans should be pleased to hear that a team of seamstresses were working all day on the prop coverings, so they’re sure to make their debut soon.

Following the performance, the corps changed out of uniform and joined together with staff and alumni for pizza and ice cream inside the cafeteria. That alone would have been enough to make the corps’ night, but there was more in store. Once everyone made their way through the pizza line, the alumni unveiled hats for The 2013 Cadets. In keeping with tradition, the night ended with Cadets young and old gathering together to sing the corps song.


Finally, the corps made their way back to the buses as the convoy prepared to take off for Pittsburgh. The Cadets would like to thank our drivers, who stayed up all night to drive the 373 miles to Baldwin High School. Also, thanks to Northern Highlands High School for allowing us to use their facilities for practice.


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