Parade/Free Day in Pittsburgh

Rain didn't stop Cadets from enjoying the city

With each passing day, things on tour seem to be going more and more smoothly.

On Sunday, after the corps showered and ate breakfast (which included blueberry pancakes), we departed for downtown Pittsburgh for the next parade of the season.


The Cadets stepped off at noon and marched their way down a fairly short route. With only about seven blocks to cover, the corps was back at the buses by 1 p.m. Fortunately, that meant more free time in the city. Unfortunately, the free day didn’t start out too well: The weather cooperated during the parade, but it began to pour soon after the grand-stand performance.

Some Cadets started their free day on the buses — napping or just waiting out the rain. Others immediately set out to see what the city had to offer. And a good number braved the rain in search of food.

Before we knew it, it was 7 p.m., and everyone very tiredly made his or her way back to the buses.

After the trip back to Baldwin High School, a few of us — namely those of us who live on the Admin RV — were surprised to learn the RV was without electricity. After a meeting of the minds and a few hours of tinkering, power was (temporarily) restored. The coming days will tell if there’s a long-term solution.

While that was going on, I tried to talk to some of the members of the corps. I thought I could find an interesting story from someone, but once we arrived back at the housing site, pretty much everyone went straight to work, practicing on drum pads, tossing bolts and loops outside and marking up drill pages. And of course, a few members of the pit broke out the baseball gloves.

So in the end, I went with Brendon Foley, admin staff member, to go gas-up the RV. It was certainly a challenge to find an open gas station on a Sunday night that also happened to be Father's Day, but thankfully a Sunoco soon revealed itself.

We were back on campus by 11 p.m., and at that point Chis Demas, the final piece of the admin staff puzzle, joined us. As the only returning tour admin assistant from last year, Chris was able to provide some useful information on the many intricacies of the RV’s generator.

As always, The Cadets would like to thank Baldwin High School for housing us on Sunday. 


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