The new guy

The corps is rounding out as new members fill remaining holes

Holes are an unfortunate but unavoidable part of the drum corps season. But looking at the glass half-full, holes create opportunities for new members to join The Cadets family.

Addison Shableski joined up with The Cadets this past Thursday, filling an open tuba spot. A native of Williamsport, Pa., he’s previously marched with the Hawthorne Caballeros and Phantom Regiment in 2011.

“It's been pretty awesome,” Addison said about his first few days with The Cadets. “I'm giving in where I can, but it’s a lot of work, picking up a show literally the day after Spring Training stops.”


And now, after a few days on the road, Side by Side is completed up to the end of “Medea.” All that remains now is the epilogue.

Originally, Addison hadn’t planned on marching his age-out year, but conflicts that previously prevented him from marching cleared up. Eventually, everyone from tuba section leader Lara Miller to corps director George Hopkins was on his case about marching with The Cadets.

“I finally broke and decided, ‘Hey, I'm done sitting on my butt. I want to get out there and do some work,’ ” he said.

Addison didn’t hold the title of “the new guy,” for long, as The Cadets welcomed trumpet player Nathan Tsuda on Monday afternoon.

Nathan is from northern Virginia, and he previously marched with Jersey Surf in 2012. He submitted an audition tape in May, hoping to fill an earlier hole.

“I didn't get that one,” he said. “Then they called me this weekend, and I was excited, so I came out to join the corps.”

He didn’t have long to get settled down at Beaver High School, as the corps had a little less than two hours for EPL that night. Once The Cadets were all packed up, they headed north to Perry, Ohio, our home for the next few days.

The Cadets would like to thank everyone at Beaver High School and Perry High School for their stellar accomodations on Monday.


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