Getting things done

Everyone has to pitch in to get the corps down the road


There's always something to do on tour. In fact, there’s so much to do that each member has a tour job during the summer on top of their normal responsibilities. 

For some, mornings are all about waking up before the rest of the corps to go line fields. Most days, you’ll find the field lining (and scaffolding) crews out and about while most members are still asleep.

On Tuesday, one of the fields was a bit of a hike, so the crew loaded into the admin RV for a ride. Appropriately, some passed the time by singing "It's the Hard Knock Life.” While it’s hard not to appreciate the many fields Perry High School provided, you have to feel a bit for the crew.

During the day, once the members are all out on the field, a lot of the minor tasks fall to the hands of the roadies. This year the roadie crew is headed up by Cody "the Roadie" Donaldson. Their days are often sandwiched by putting up and tearing down the props. And when Cody’s out running errands for members or staff, you can often catch him turning into a one-man Queen cover band.

Fortunately for some lucky person out there, the roadie crew is in need of a fourth member. Handling the 16 props we’re using this year is no easy task for just three people. Anyone interested in a last-minute summer job should e-mail George at soon.


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