Cadets complete show in Akron

The corps traveled an hour to rehearse at InfoCision Stadium

Side by Side is done.

It’s one thing to read about the show or to watch clips online. It’s a completely different thing to see it performed live in its entirety.

The Cadets certainly had a busy Wednesday. The day started out in Perry, Ohio, our home for three days this summer. As the corps made the half-mile trek to the field, our team of volunteers and roadies went to work prepping the props for their new coverings.


They’re a work in progress, as the prop crew is still figuring out the best way to assemble and disassemble them. And yesterday’s wind pointed out a few ways the covers can be better attached to their frames.

In the early afternoon, the corps got some time in the stadium, where they had the chance to run through the closer drill they learned earlier in the day. And before they knew it, butts were in seats and on their way to InfoCision Stadium in Akron, Ohio for ensemble.


At a place like InfoCision Stadium, you can go so high that you get a chance to see the show in a way most people only see it on DVD long after Finals, as one staffer put it. And if the vantage point alone didn’t make for a great view, the corps also ended the night with a full run-through in uniform.

Upon seeing the completed show, visual staff member and Cadets alumnus Austin Greene said it’s always rewarding to see all the work the corps has done turn into a full product.

“When you see the total package come together and start seeing the designer’s vision — with designers of this quality — you just stand back in awe of what’s about to happen for the next two months,” Austin said.

With this major milestone completed, the corps will spend the next day prepping for their first competitive performance of the season this Friday. After that, it’s full steam ahead, all the way to Indianapolis.


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