A family affair

Photo courtesy of the Mitchell family
Photo courtesy of the Mitchell family

One family is supporting YEA! every way they can

For many, drum corps is a family affair.

This summer, the Mitchell family has the unique experience of sending a kid to both The Cadets and Cadets2.

Kevin Mitchell is in his third year with The Cadets, and Karyann Mitchell is in her first year with Cadets2. Nancy, their mother, said their family has been following the activity for years.

"My parents were both high school band directors,” she said. “When my sister and I were in middle school, they took us to a show in Allentown, and we of course fell in love with The Cadets."

Kevin said now that his sister is in Cadets2, it’s given the pair a stronger connection. He drove her to camps, and along the way they had fun joking around about drum corps.

“I’ve worn that uniform before [in 2012], so it's kind of cool that she's wearing that same uniform,” he said.

Initially, Karyann considered joining The Cadets, but she was hesitant about the time commitment. She liked the idea of Cadets2 because it could give her a taste of what drum corps is like. And after Kevin’s past two years with The Cadets, Nancy had no reservations about sending her daughter off to another YEA! program.

“We love the structure and the tradition of The Cadets — always have,” she said. “Our son has thrived in that aspect of The Cadets, and I think he's just at a good place this summer.”

So far, Karyann is enjoying herself at Cadets2. Nancy said her daughter comes home every weekend pretty tired, but she’s making friends and always looks forward to returning the next weekend.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Mitchell family has already made their plans for the season, with tickets purchased for shows including the DCI Eastern Classic, Semifinals and Finals. And Nancy is already priming 7-year-old Suzanne, the youngest Mitchell family member, for a possible future in The Cadets.

“We went to the YEAllentown! concert last week, and of course I pointed out [the different instruments],” Nancy said. “I would love for her to be in The Cadets one day, but we’ll see.”


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