Cadets take first win in Belvidere

It's now full speed ahead to Indianapolis.

The 80th edition of The Cadets are certainly on their way to becoming the best edition yet. 

Their score of 74.1 put them ahead of the pack and in first place at the Show of Shows in Belvidere, Ill., meaning The Cadets came in first place at their first show on the first day of summer.


Both veteran and rookie members had nothing but positive things to say after stepping off the field.

Drum Major Zack Travis said it was an awesome experience to finally perform for a contest audience after spending so much time preparing their 2013 production, Side By Side.

"It's incredible to just get in front of a crowd that really enjoys what we're doing," he said. "And we enjoy what we're doing for them."

Although this was his debut competitive performance as drum major with The Cadets, Zack is no stranger to the maroon and gold. But for color guard member Allyson Klubek, it was her first competitive performance with the corps.

"It was better than I expected," she said about the night's performance. "When you go out on the field, you expect a lot out of yourself because you're with such a good program, and you don't want to be a tick on the field."

For all the vets and rookies in the corps, there really wasn’t a lot of time for nerves on Friday. It took all of Thursday night to get the corps from Perry, Ohio to Belvidere, and once we arrived members had to hop off and get their show day started.

Even when bad weather rolled into the area, work continued inside Belvidere North High School. And you better believe the corps took advantage of every moment of clear weather outside. But storms aside, our first show day ran smoothly.

Soon after the performance, the members were fed, had a win under their belts, and had their butts in seats before yet another storm made its way to the area.


And then we began our long journey back to Perry, Ohio. It’s an easy drive, according to our drivers. All they needed to do was turn last night’s directions upside down.


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