Cadets Seek Tuba #12

Immediate Opening for Experienced Tubist

After Spring Training, The Cadets thought they were all set with a complete brass section for the 2013 season. The missing link, or Tuba #12 as the corps lovingly calls the spot, was confirmed and to fly in and join the corps this week.

Except, he never arrived and we were left at the airport waiting for a young man that never left home.

Which puts the corps back on the search for the tuba player to make the corps whole.

If you are that Tuba #12:

  • We need you to get to Ohio or New York fast to meet up with the corps
  • You need to have $2000 for tour fees
  • You need to be in shape to get on this "moving train"
  • And you have to have experience at a high level high school or college marching band. Significant experience with a top drum corps would be ideal.

This is a great experience for someone who wants to have fun, push themselves farther than they ever thought , get in the best shape of their lives and get a great tan.

Write to Brass Caption Supervisor Gino Cipriani at or Cadets Director George Hopkins at


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