Familiar sites in Ohio

The Cadets returned to their rehearsal site in Perry, Ohio.

Yesterday might have been the first official day of summer, but we didn’t start feeling the heat until we arrived back in Perry, Ohio.

The forecast only called for a high of 86 degrees, but the conditions made it feel about 10 degrees warmer. Thankfully The Cadets travel with a great team of trainers and volunteers who ensure the members are well fed and hydrated as they give it their all out on the field.

But just like when it rains, The Cadets overcome the elements for the sake of performance. After Friday night’s win in Belvidere, there was little time left to rest on our laurels. The corps was back to preparing for the day’s contest, Innovations in Brass, in Akron, Ohio.


With a large dinner and a small road trip out of the way, the corps was raring to take the field at InfoCision Stadium. With any first-show jitters out of their systems, there was nothing stopping The Cadets from having another superior run through.

Of course, we’ll have to wait a few days to see how The Cadets stacked up against the rest, as the results won’t be announced until Monday in theaters at the "DCI Tour Premiere.” (And those too anxious to wait till Monday to check out Side by Side should watch our broadcast on YEA.org.)

And while the staff goes over the judges’ commentary, the rest of us can go off of trumpet player Adam Kuffner’s thoughts on the night:

“For me personally I thought it went awesome,” he said. “It was great to be in uniform again and be able to perform. And as an ensemble, from the vibe I got, it felt pretty good.”


And while part of him feels tired after two consecutive performances, another part is excited and ready to go on to a third night. Specifically, he’s ready to take the field in Bowling Green, Ohio on Sunday night. 

“It’s just great to be a Cadet,” Adam said.


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