Cadets complete first trio of shows

The corps now has a much needed rehearsal day ahead of them.

It might be early in the season, but there's nothing quite like saying we're undefeated (pending the release of the scores from Akron).

The Cadets spent the day in Toledo, Ohio at Whitmer High School. It was another warm day, which made the sudden rainstorm during our final run-through all the more surprising. In the end, the call was made to head off the field and start packing up for the show.

On our third contest in three days, things were running smoothly, up until we arrived at the gate. At that time, another call was made, this time to strip the coverings off the props due to the impending storm.

At that point, it was a frantic race against (start) time, getting the props down and their covers off. Cody “the Roadie” Donaldson led the charge, but that’s just a typical day in the life of a roadie.


“Being on tour is interesting,” Cody, who’s now in his second year with The Cadets, said. “You see a lot of different things. You get to see a lot of crazy stuff, but a good kind of crazy. It's hectic, but it's fun.”

Cody’s in search of one more roadie to round out his team this season. Prepping those 16 towers is no easy task for one man, or even for the three roadies we have now.

On a typical day, Cody says the roadies wake up with the corps and then start working on the props. 

“Immediately we tend to them like it’s a show day,” he said. “It's not leisurely or anything. You're here to work and get the job done.”

Of course, there are perks to being a roadie. When you join The Cadets roadie team, you get to be around the corps and see the show develop throughout the season. And best of all (for Cody, at least), you get three meals and a snack from The Cadets’ food truck.

Anyone interested in joining our roadie team should contact George Hopkins


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