The other kind of cleaning

The day ended with a much needed laundry stop

After three successful nights of competition, The Cadets finally had a day dedicated to cleaning drill and cleaning laundry.

The corps split up and used fields at both Wilmington High School and Wilmington College, with the pit and drumline at the latter. Meanwhile, some of our administrative staff went to work checking out the various Laundromats that southwestern Ohio had to offer.

By noon, admin team member Brendon Foley had visited every establishment we were about to invade, double-checking that they would indeed be open late enough for the corps to get their things washed. Meanwhile, seamstress Linda Kanen and admin team member Chris Demas went about washing the entire corps' uniforms. It’s a tough job of sorting through sweat-logged uniform parts all day, but somebody has to do it to keep the corps smelling somewhat fresh.


After dinner, many corps members changed into their nicer street clothes as they prepared to load the buses and head out to their respective destinations. Unfortunately, our destinations were a bit of a mixed bag. Some got all dressed up for a Wash ‘N Dry and a Foodmart. (That was the case for the drum bus that drove 40 minutes away to South Lebanon.)

It was a bit sad to see the locals who showed up after we did, hoping to get their laundry done on a Monday night. They were met with a completely packed Laundromat and a line for every machine in the place. Not only that, but the few who decided to wait it out were met with the endless beating of drumsticks on practice pads. The drummers were sure not to waste their downtime, critiquing each other’s performance as they waited for their clothes to dry. 

Thankfully, the nice staff at Wash ‘N Dry stayed open an hour later for us. The only hitch of the night was when some members mixed up their Glad-style laundry bags. 


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