Back in action

The corps is back to competing after a day off

Truth be told, Tuesday didn’t start off too hot -- figuratively speaking, of course. 

To begin with, things were a little hectic due to our housing site, which had us split between two different campuses in Wilmington, Ohio. Still, that was just a minor hurdle, and The Cadets would like to thank both Wilmington High School and Wilmington College for their hospitality the past two days.

But throughout the day, some laundry mishaps from Monday revealed themselves. Most were simply a matter of missing socks (and personally, I left my detergent back at the Wash ‘N Dry). Thankfully, there were no major issues that couldn’t be resolved by the time we rolled out of Wilmington.


Still, I shouldn’t make the day out to sound awful. The corps made a lot of progress with Side by Side, working to improve the timing. Also, our three newest members are well on their way to learning all of their drill. And perhaps best of all, our 12th tuba was with us all day.

It was around 9 a.m., while George was sending updates to the staff, he threw in a request for the corps to “kick ass” and crack 80 points last night, just for fun. A lofty request, but fairly reasonable. As the corps left the field later that night, most staff members agreed that it was a good run. The members certainly seemed fired up on the field.


But before talk of scores or performances could happen, George had to deliver some bad news. The guard bus was having issues, and things were looking grim. The Cadets had to put that in the back of their minds, as they had an encore to perform.

As it turns out, even the liveliest performance of “Swing, Swing, Swing” couldn’t save the guard bus. By the end of the encore, we had secured a temporary bus, as the original guard bus was left behind in Fairfield, Ohio. (Spoiler alert for tomorrow's update: The original guard bus has now joined us in Pittsburgh.)

Again, I’ll say that the night wasn’t all bad news. The corps took first at the Summer Music Games in Cincinnati, with a score of 79.3. It didn’t quite break the 80-point barrier like George had asked, but who can complain about a four-point jump in two days?

And on another happy note, those on the admin RV were treated to a late-night birthday cake. Thank you to those on the food truck for whipping that up, and thanks to admin team member Nate Foreman for being born 32 years ago.

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