Extending our stay in Hampton

Poor weather in Buffalo means a full night of floor time for the corps

The Cadets had another solid run-through last night at Innovations in Brass: Pittsburgh, and their win was certainly a nice way to end a day of unexpected occurrences.

Backing up a bit, the drive into Pennsylvania was a bit bumpy, with the convoy getting caught in a rain storm for the latter half of the trip. The rain managed to briefly knock out the power and dampen the grass fields at Wednesday's housing site.

But by the time the members started waking up and stumbling around Hampton High School, everything was thankfully back in working order.


Despite the early morning rain, our first stay at Hampton High School turned out pretty great. The rain cleared up for the rest of the day, and a decent-sized audience came out to watch rehearsal throughout the day.

But while it was nothing but clear skies in Hampton Township, things were looking a little grim up over in Buffalo, N.Y. The schedule had us leaving Pennsylvania after the night’s show, so we could be in Buffalo on Thursday for a clinic.

George kept a close eye on the weather all morning, and decided to make a final call by 2 p.m. In the end, with pretty much every weather source in agreement, the call was made to cancel our rehearsal and clinic in Buffalo. (Much thanks to Hampton High School for housing us for another day.)

Still, it wasn’t all bad news yesterday afternoon. A few bright spots from the night: Corps members were treated to Italian ice during EPL. Due to bus issues, a few color guard members rode to the show in the admin RV, which they described as “living in the lap of luxury.” And maybe best of all, the few raindrops that fell as we were at the gate thankfully didn’t turn into anything more.


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