A bump in the road

After two weeks of leading the convoy, the admin RV fell a bit behind Thursday night.

When writing, inspiration for stories can strike at odd times. Great story ideas can form in the shower or while having a conversation at lunch. And sometimes, inspiration strikes your tire.

That was the case at 1 a.m., when I awoke and realized the admin RV had pulled off to the side of the road.

"What happened?" I groggily asked. I've grown accustomed to falling asleep and waking up at our housing site for the day. I had no idea what was going on.

Admin team member Mike Scott filled me in, answering my question with the simple response of "Flat tire."

Ed, our driver for the night, said one of our inner tires burst. There was nothing we could do but call for help. We got things fixed pretty quickly, considering our location and the time of day. Pretty soon, we had a new tire and were back on the road. It only took about six seconds:

When I first came onboard with The Cadets, I had no idea I’d be riding around the country on the admin RV. I assumed I'd be traveling around the country in a charter bus, like most everybody else in the corps. 

In the past four weeks, I've learned that the admin RV is more or less "the lap of luxury" as one color guard member described it the other day.

It can be a bit strange at times. Being on the admin RV gives some rookie members the false impression that I’m on the admin staff. I often get asked questions I don't know the answers to. Another interesting tidbit is how rarely a member steps inside the admin RV. 

In my experience, the first thing most members say when they enter the admin RV is, "Woah! I’ve never been on here before." Then they look around the place, wide-eyed, while pointing out the various amenities. Of course, in comparison to their charter bus, the admin RV really does look like the lap of luxury.

But fridge, bed and WiFi hotspot or not, the RV is still a moving vehicle, susceptible to the everyday hazards of the roads. Including, as we discovered late Thursday night, flat tires.


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