Returning to New Jersey

The corps spent the day in Jackson, N.J.

Poor weather couldn't keep our New Jersey-area fans away, as The Cadets swept Drum Corps: An American Tradition (of Rain) in Jackson, N.J.

But a good number of those fans weren't just there to see The Cadets, but rather to see their particular Cadet. Seventeen of our members call New Jersey home, with many coming from the Jackson area, including front ensemble member Annie Chernow.

With her family only 10 minutes away and her college about 90 minutes away, she had plenty of supporters out in the stands Friday night. Annie said it was both exciting and nerve-wracking to see people she knows out in the stands. But overall, she was excited for them to finally see Side By Side, something she’s been working on for months.

IMG_1208.JPGMellophone player Jenna Alchevsky’s whole family also came out to see her perform. That includes her father, John, of course, who's been with us on tour fixing the admin RV's generator at seemingly every stop.

Jenna said it's really cool to see her loved ones for the first time over a month.

"I saw my mom this morning, and I just ran up to her and gave her a big hug," she said. "It's weird because you don't realize how much you miss them until you actually see them."

She wasn't just happy to see her family out in the stands, but to see a stadium full of Cadets supporters. Jenna credits the corps' high-energy performance to the crowd's enthusiasm.

Sadly, no amount of applause could keep the rain away. While the weather held steady for the first half of The Cadets' performance, the skies opened up during the ballad. But the corps kept the energy up, even while performing on a wet grass field.

After the performance, many members rushed to pack their things in order to maximize their time with their family and friends. But it wasn't long before we were back on the road, heading toward Quincy, Mass.


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