Changes in store

After another trio of shows, The Cadets prepare for two rehearsal days.

"Go down the hall. Take a left and then a right. Go down three flights of stairs. Then go through the door at the end of the hallway. And whatever you do, don't let the door close behind you."

After hearing those cryptic, convoluted directions to the men’s locker room, I wasn't quite sure if baritone player Ryan Gledhill was actually serious or joking around. It's hard to tell with his British accent.

But he wasn't joking. Not only are The Cadets spread out across Meriden, Conn. for the next few days, but it seems we're also spread across Maloney High School. Much thanks to them for housing us for the next two days.

All things considered, our housing site will probably be the only stability the corps has during the next two rehearsal days. On the topic of cryptic messages, George left a note on The Cadets' Facebook page, which ended with "Changes begin tomorrow... a change at a time."


Only time will tell what changes are in store for Side by Side. Being a lowly intern, I'm not exactly privy to all the top-secret design meetings, so I have to speculate along with everyone else. What I do know is that Richard Cravens joined up with the corps last night (after a few travel issues). As die-hard Cadets fans of recent years know, the former Blue Man has been instrumental in developing show concepts on the field these past few years — from Toy Souldier, to Between Angels and Demons, to 12.25.

Knowing changes are in store for The Cadets, I made sure to head to the top of Southern Connecticut State University as they performed at last night's show. It was a solid run, with the only hiccup being a crackle through the speakers early in the opener. Still, The Cadets came out ahead for the night, inching ever closer to the 80-point barrier.


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