Between the raindrops

Despite poor weather, the corps accomplished a lot on Monday

As I mentioned in yesterday, The Cadets are using their rehearsal days in Meriden, Conn. to implement changes in Side by Side. Sadly, no one told the weather, and they had to work through intermittent showers.

Mixing things up a bit during S&R (stretch and run), the corps implemented a new exercise to help loosen up the body. They looked pretty goofy, flailing down the field like cast members of The Walking Dead. Then it came time to work on the show. Early Monday morning, George sent the staff an e-mail clearly explaining all the points he wanted them to hit that day.

A lot is a matter of cutting down time. Other parts are being changed to add more impact into the show. I have to say, it's weird to hear the changes as they put them in. It's sort of like hearing a radio edit of a song you've previously downloaded: It's more or less the same product, but now there are a few little things that throw you off every time you hear them.


Nevertheless, the changes are all clearly for the best. At the end of the day, Cody the Roadie mentioned how much more he like the drumline feature. He said he always clapped for the feature, but with the changes he finds it much more engaging than he ever did before.

Other spots to look for changes include the big hit in the opener and the transition from the ballad to "Medea." So much time was spent on these parts that it actually presented a challenge for me as I tried to take new photos for our social media accounts. Yesterday I got plenty of shots of the ballad's closing set, but that's about it.

The day ended with a trip to the laundromats. This time around, I didn't join the drum bus, but I hear most every bus had an improved laundry experience. After the ride home and an evening Hop Talk, The Cadets went to bed, ready for their last day in Meriden.

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