A successful 'Fourth of July Eve'

After two days of rehearsal, The Cadets didn't skip a beat

After a few nights of unsuccessful tries, The Cadets finally did it. They performed at a show without giant mosquitos. Oh, and they also broke the 80-point barrier.

Unfortunately, we traded giant mosquitos for giant beetles, which may not have bothered The Cadets, who were pretty much protected by their uniforms, but it was certainly an unpleasant surprise for staff and volunteers every time a beetle went flying into them.

But enough about bugs. After the slow pace of the past two rehearsal days, it seemed like The Cadets were constantly on the move Wednesday. We pulled into Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I. early in the morning, where the members, staff and volunteers were treated to dorm rooms -- a big change from previous years and a welcome sight after weeks of gym floors and air mattresses.

And soon enough, it was morning, and the corps made the hike over to the day's rehearsal site. All things considered, it was worth the trek.


At that point, people began to split up in order to take care of The Cadets' busy schedule in Bristol. A few runs went out to pick up more food and volunteers — including a new driver for the admin RV. And some of us went over to check out the parade route, while others went to work making memes.

At the end of the day, it was a relief to sit down at the show and watch the corps perform. Everyone nervously anticipated the show, something we haven't felt since our first show back in Rockford. After all the changes they've put in over the past few days, some parts seem like a whole new show.


And in the end, The Cadets delivered, breaking 80 with a comfortable margin. After some much deserved ice cream, the members were back in bed in the dorms, ready for a busy Fourth of July. Hope you have a great one!



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