Cadets celebrate America

The corps spent the day marching in two parades.

Unsurprisingly, The Cadets had quite the busy schedule on Thursday, otherwise known as the Fourth of July.

The celebrations started early, as the food truck played patriotic music on a loop. It was certainly a new experience for a few of our members, as this year's corps is home to eight international members, from Japan to Ireland to Great Britain.


For some of our international members, taking part in Fourth of July celebrations isn't anything new. Veteran baritone player Ryan Gledhill has already marched in his fair share of Fourth of July parades. He said it can be a weird experience, since it's more or less celebrating his home country being on the wrong side of history.

Still, he was sure to start the day dressed in clothes adorned with the Union Jack. And as the food truck pumped out patriotic music, his phone was playing "God Save the Queen."

For others, like British rookie trumpet player Dan Easter, the Fourth of July is an entirely new experience. When I talked to him at breakfast yesterday morning, he said he had no idea what to expect on the Fourth.

Well, he did know to expect two parades that day: one in Bristol, R.I. and another in Norwood, Mass.


As the corps made their way down Bristol’s historic parade route, trainers, volunteers and members of the front ensemble walked alongside, handing out water bottles. Keeping the corps hydrated was the number-one concern throughout the day.

For some members of the CPit, parades are a welcome break from the daily grind of tour. Even though they're still working to support the corps, they take the time to dress a bit nicer and enjoy the day.

When all was said and done, the very tired Cadets were back in Burlington, Mass., tucked away in bed, "happy to live under the blanket of the freedom America provides."

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