Back to Burlington

No time to rest following the holiday

Friday morning, I woke up and stumbled out of the admin RV only to discover that we were parked outside Burlington High School.

For a moment I stopped to think, "Did the past week even happen?"

A day later, I'm 90 percent sure that last week did happen, and the corps did indeed travel from Burlington, Mass. to Meriden, Conn. to Bristol, R.I and then back to Burlington, Mass.

It's no surprise that we returned to Burlington; it's a great facility. Everything is close by, which not only makes my job easier, but it also minimizes my (usually high) chances of getting lost.


Photo by baritone player Liam Sargent

For the corps, it was a day to drill in the recent changes to Side by Side. It's not only a matter of the members being able to perform the new visual movements, but it's also a matter of running the parts of the show before and after the new material.

With temperatures reaching into the 90s, you had to feel bad for the members of the corps out on the turf. I made the mistake of walking across the field in flip-flops during visual rehearsal. It was only late morning, but it was HOT.

Meanwhile, members of the admin team used the day to get ready for the upcoming week. Vehicles were out all day running errands, picking up odds and ends from around the greater Burlington area.

And not only that, but YEA! is running the next two shows, making the next few days a bit more hectic than usual. A show day is always busy, but things are understandably a little more intense when you’re running things.

All in all, things went well after the odd schedule we had on the Fourth. The Cadets had a solid run-though on the fifth, which was fortunate considering that we had a full panel of judges last night. After a quick snack, members were on the buses, ready for the long trip to New Jersey.


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