Trip to NC taking longer than expected

I can always count on a vehicle breakdown to provide a story lead

"How could you sleep through all that?" admin team member Nate Foreman asked me.

"Sleep through what?" I wondered. "Are we already at the housing site?"

We weren't. We were barely a few miles away from last night's show site in Chambersburg, Pa. As I started to come out of my groggy state, I began to piece together what was happening.


The drum bus broke down about 20 minutes into our drive to North Carolina. All admin team members were working at 120 percent, trying to fit the members and their luggage somewhere into the rest of the convoy and figure out what to do with the broken-down bus.

Unlike when the admin RV had a flat tire earlier in the season, I figured it was best for me to stay put, rather than to walk around and get photos. There were enough people out and about already; I didn’t need to add myself into the mix.

About 7 hours later, I've got a few more pieces of the puzzle:

  • The drum bus dropped its drive shaft on I-81. (I’m not sure what a drive shaft is, other than the fictional rock band from Lost.)
  • The staff bus then towed the drum bus off the interstate and into a nearby parking lot.
  • Members of the drum bus and their luggage were the loaded into the rest of the convoy anywhere they could fit. And that meant about 15 staff members stayed behind with the drum bus, waiting to be rescued by the Cadets2 bus.

And to think, yesterday I was worried about what I could write about.

The awesome pizza bagels for lunch? The admin RV’s new wi-fi hotspot?


After lunch, I realized that because The Cadets and Cadets2 were staying at the same housing site, it was the perfect opportunity to tell Alex Bauer’s story. He’s the other member of The 2013 Cadets who was part of the inaugural season of Cadets2. So for the rest of the day, I more or less stalked him around the show site.

I finally got a chance to sit down with him during snack after last night’s performance. And soon after, I was on the admin RV, on my bed, transcribing my notes. I figured I would finish writing the feature in the morning.

I was obviously wrong. 

I’ll try to publish that story soon. I’ll have to rework the angle a bit, but after all the work I put into it, getting it published will be my top priority these next few days.

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