The Cadets for a Day

Our honorary members at PPL Park


The Cadets would like to sincerely thank each of our Cadets-for-a-Day who won the PPL Park FANtasy Experience Auction and warmed up with the corps on Saturday night, July 6:

Drum Major: Kristin Perdue
Trumpet: Ben Rossman
Mellophone: Amy Poulsen Fett
Baritone: Ronan O'Day
Snare: John Day
Quad: Chris Mattingly
Flag: Elisa Santo

Upon their arrival at PPL Park, our honorary Cadets were given VIP badges and escorted to their sections' respective warm-up areas. From there, some members of The Cadets' staff in each section taught them how the members warm up for each show. (The brass players had received music in advance, but needed to be briefed on horn moves and such.)

Honorary Cadet Amy Poulsen Fett (second from left, Cadet alum '97), with fellow mello alumni Allison Watkins (left, The Cadets' Asst. Dir. of Marketing), Selena Adams (third from left, Cadets brass instructor) and Chris Demas (right, Cadets admin team member).

Just minutes later, they were standing side-by-side colorguard members, brass players and percussionists, respectively, going through the corps' warm-up routine right along with them.

17-year-old Ben Rossman playing in The Cadets' trumpet line

After the whirlwind of warm-up, the Cadets-for-a-Day walked alongside The Cadets to the gate, where they stood around the members for a pre-show talk by Director George Hopkins and the singing of the corps' song, "O Holy Name." A few are alumni and were able to join the circle and sing with the corps, and hopefully our younger, prosepective members will be in the circle singing soon.

15-year-old Ronan O'Day and some members of The Cadets baritone section, just minutes before they performed at PPL Park

And just like that, they were standing inside the gates of PPL Park, watching Cadets pull the colorful towers (which look even bigger from ground level) down the tunnel and onto the gleaming grass.

They followed purple, orange, red and yellow onto the field and took their places in the comfy chairs that normally serve as the Philadelphia Union's team "benches" during games, right on the front sideline.

Chris Mattingly and John Day with The Cadets' drumline

The members of The Cadets truly enjoyed sharing this experience with each of our winners. They did an incredible job of jumping into a very refined process and performing like Cadets.

We hope to provide this side-by-side experience again in the future!

Kristin and Zack, just before he led the corps onto the field at PPL Park


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