Cadets and C2, Side by Side

Alex Bauer is the other member to make the jump from one corps to the other

Back in Chambersburg, Pa., The Cadets had the unique experience of sharing a rehearsal site with Cadets2. For most, it was simply a chance to meet some of the members and check out their 2013 production, Les Miserables.

But for a couple of others, it was a chance to catch up with members of their former corps. Earlier this summer, I featured Devin Eppley, a color guard member who was part of the inaugural Cadets2 corps. The only other Cadet to make that transition so far is baritone player Alex Bauer.


Alex knew someday he wanted to end up in The Cadets. It was more than an issue of feasibility, being only an hour away in Lansdale, Pa. He said he’s always respected their sense of tradition. So when his high school drill writer came around recruiting for Cadets2, of course he jumped at the opportunity.

“He said, ‘You should just come try it out. I know you want to do drum corps — maybe The Cadets some day. This is a great way to hop in on baritone,’” Alex said. 

After checking them out, he said he really liked the people involved and the fact that it was their first year. He liked the idea of trying something for the first time, alongside everyone else in the corps.

“It was a really unique experience, and I didn't want to pass it up,” Alex said.

Of course, coming into a new corps presented an unusual situation. As Alex put it, usually when you come into an organization, there are people to look to for an example. But early on in the season, there were very few of those people.

Later in the year, after The Cadets finished their season, a few members helped fill holes in Cadets2. He said those members really helped the young corps out. Besides filling holes in the drill, they showed the newer members the proper ways to do things.

Now that he’s with The Cadets, Alex is still enjoying his drum corps experience.

“It’s really fantastic,” he said. “There's a lot of support not only from the vets, but the rookies as well, because they’re going through the same thing you’re going through.”

And of course, Alex appreciates how supportive the staff is. He said they’re great about pushing the corps to exactly where they need to be and understanding what every member is capable of achieving.


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