Day Two in Missouri

Our second day in Lee's Summit proved to be quite productive

As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, it’s always interesting to see how new spectators react to Side by Side.

While we appreciate our fans who travel around with us or keep up-to-date by watching us on the Fan Network, there’s nothing quite like seeing someone witness the show for the first time.

All the great moments, the ones you start to take for granted after a while — the first big hit, the drum break in “Scherzo,” the soft ending — are new to them.

Of course, being on tour and watching the show evolve naturally has its benefits too. As George often tells the crowd before we perform, Side by Side is one of those shows that you don’t need multiple viewings to “get it.” But still, there are little things you catch only after watching it for the 30th time.


Even further, there are times when you walk out onto the field after spending a few hours away from the corps, and they pull out something entirely unexpected. Sometimes it’s just a matter of small changes to the music, other times it’s more surprising, like when the middle section of “Scherzo” has been entirely redone.

It goes without saying that all the changes The Cadets made yesterday — big and small — wouldn’t be possible without the help from Lee’s Summit North High School.

After another bus issue delayed our trip up to Minnesota, there were certainly a lot of frantic moves to readjust every plan we had in place for Friday. Thankfully the one issue we didn’t have to worry about was where the corps would be able to sleep and rehearse. 


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