DeMoulin Day in Greenville

The Cadets had a nice break from the typical schedule of practices and competitions

I used to joke that anytime I went to bed unsure about what I could write about the next day, a bus would break down, giving me a story to write.

That wasn’t exactly the case last night.

When we started the journey to Oklahoma, I already knew my topic for Tuesday’s update: DeMoulin Day. But not even an hour into the trip, word came over the radio that a bus was on the side of the road, and we needed to turn around to meet up with them.

Thankfully it was a minor issue that was resolved quickly, and the solution didn’t require a new bus or packing the brass section into every available inch in the other buses. So that leaves me free to write about The Cadets’ day in Greenville, Ill., home to DeMoulin HQ.


The first half of the day was spent rehearsing at the high school. And as the corps was on the field, our lunch — provided by DeMoulin — rolled up. It was a good thing the stadium wasn’t any closer to the high school; the smell of the barbecue cooking was certainly distracting (in a good way, of course).

After lunch, the corps departed to DeMoulin HQ, not too far off from our rehearsal site. They performed outside, and a pretty impressive crowd showed up. And as if putting the corps in uniform wasn’t enough, DeMoulin was kind enough to pass out free T-shirts to members, staff and volunteers after the performance.


At that point, the day was far from over. Our convoy pretty much took over downtown Greenville, as corps members went to the movies (choosing from Despicable Me 2, The Lone Ranger and Grown Ups 2) and afterwards checked out what the town had to offer. Needless to say, the Dollar General and Dairy Queen had a lot of business last night.

So, as you can tell, there was plenty to write about. And I’m plenty thankful that our minor bus issue just took a couple sentences to explain, rather than all of today’s update.


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