The Bus Breakdown

Hop's full report on The Cadets' bus situation

Being one who takes full responsibility -- for if you do not, how can you effectively fix things? -- I could have made this better, but I can't fix the past. I can learn and act in the present to improve the future.


Executive Travel

> We have used these buses for four years. 

> This year, they sent buses that were not up to par and three drivers who were licensed but not experienced at all in what we do. This was contrary to the previous three years.

> We had two accidents in one week. Over time, the drivers were replaced. I went searching for a new company in middle June, under the radar.

> We continued to have mechanical issues, from AC issues to small breakdowns, and then we dropped a drive shaft -- a big issue.

So, we departed the old company. In the meantime, we put about $20K into the entire ordeal that needs to be recovered, and we are taking action.


His Majesty's Coach 

> The new company arrived. Good peeps, good buses. 

> We had a fuel injection issue on the second day out, and we had to abandon the bus. Things happen.

> Last night (July 15) we blew a head gasket on a bus. This one does have me scratching my head.  The Cadets have blown our share of head gaskets. It is usually something that we, in some way, caused. Not always, but often.

Now the corps is in Broken Arrow, OK -- all is good (no pun intended). We are not moving until Wednesday night.



Now then, as much as we like to say that we are cursed, or there is a cosmic strategy in place to slow us down, I have learned not to relate that which is not related.

Bus Company #1: Unprepared.

Bus Company #2: Prepared 

Bus Company #1: Unresponsive 

Bus Company #2: Responsive

Is there a relationship between an inexperienced driver from a company in Texas and a 15-year vet whose bus blows an engine? No. The only connection is, The Cadets were there.

I am expecting His Majesty to make good here, and I hope to be their client again next year. We like them. They like us. And we do cannot blame them for a previous bus company's breakdowns or some minor, unpredictable issues.

Now, we need to get these kids around the country in style and safety for the next 25 days. And it will happen.

In the meantime, please buy a shirt. Buy a meal. Be a supporter. And love The Cadets.



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