Day One in Texas

The Cadets power through the heat in Frisco and Denton

twotrumpets_2013_hidalgo.jpgThe Cadets hit the ground running in Texas, taking the field in Denton not long after arriving from Oklahoma.

We're very thankful to have the facilities at Wakeland High School and Frisco ISD during our two-day stay.

The day leading up to DCI North Dallas was long and hot, but at the very least, the corps has a nice place to march and a cool place to sleep.

And all in all, it was a smooth ride into the area, which is hopefully a good sign of things to come on the Texas leg of our tour. The only low point of the convoy is the admin RV, which is currently experiencing its own issues, to say the least. Fingers crossed that those will be resolved soon. There's nothing quite like driving through Texas in July without AC!

During rehearsal, it might not have been the hottest temperature Texas could offer, but temperatures did reach well into the 90s, which always poses a challenge for both members and staff. At a certain point, hot is hot whether it hits 100 or not.

But no matter how the heat radiated off the turf, you couldn’t see it in the corps' performance during ensemble. “The corps and team are just unbelievable today," Bruno Zuccala said in a message to the staff afterwards.

Bruno (right) with Admin Team member Mike Scott and Drum Major Zack Travis before DCI North Dallas

"Unbelievable" is definitely a great word to describe The Cadets' performance later that night as well. There were a few concerns leading up to step-off — most notably, you could see some bad weather off in the distance while Santa Clara Vanguard was on the field. I was convinced that it would start pouring during our ballad, as it typically does.

But thankfully, I was wrong. In the end, the night proved to produce some interesting scores and rankings. I’m sure there are quite a few people out there who just can’t wait until DCI San Antonio to see how the top three spots shake out at their next meeting.

In the meantime, it's another day of rehearsal.


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