One Week's Worth of Changes

A look at the mid-season tweaking process

The Cadets have done tons of work over the past week. In case you're curious as to what goes into the day-to-day rehearsals aside from cleaning the existing music and drill, here's a look at a week in the evolution of The Cadets' design.

(By Director George Hopkins)

- We added guard scenarios to the ballad
- Cranked the tempo of "Medea"
- Added to the soloist interaction in the ballad
- Cranked the tempo at end of "Scherzo"
- Worked and adjusted the musical interpretation of the ballad to maintain intensity

Here is a look at our worksheet. See if it makes any sense.
Changes 7-15-13

- Pg 1 Block Side 1 movement in the 4 groupings. Soften arc side 2. Did not get to.

Symphony 1
- Tempos 160 at begin, 196 at the end. DONE
- Letter E to Letter F: Move the first flag on trumpet side out so she can spin. DONE

- Letter A: Big lines down the 50 through Letter E.
- Maybe something in the 4-count long block. Horns every other line, bells to each endzone. Did not get to. May not change.
- Letter F: 8,8,12 counts to Letter G: Mello in front of props.
- Letter G: 12 counts drums in front of props.
- Individual flag silks for high brass, low brass. Nothing yet.
- Pg. 90: “S” shapes hold for brass.
- Pg. 92: Mello and tuba movement (turn). DONE
- Letter O: Bari and mello swells. Horn movement.
- End of "Scherzo" pose: Look at it. Ok with what is there.

- Guard adjustments. Worked on it the last few. Still more to do, but better.
- Mello soloist involvement.
DONE. Some fine tuning needed.
- Props drumline. Fix first move out.
- Flag in the corner. Did not get to yet.

Medea Transition
- Work movement into the ground.

- Tempo 196.
- 10-ct. holds?
- Maybe move that one prop.
- Pairing of 2 middle guard members at the end.
- Brass movement outside into center 2. DONE

Medea Finale
- Jimmy dance at the end.
DONE. Need to fix his spot prior to leaving.
- Change guard at end. Not yet.
- Maybe make props move easier. Not yet.

And there's still more to go. Always room to get better!


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