Communication in The Cadets

There's often a lot to talk about on tour.

An interesting thing to do every morning on tour is checking the previous day’s GroupMe messages. GroupMe is The Cadets’ preferred service for group text messages.

It really makes you stop and think, “Wow. Did all that really happen in the past 24 hours?”

Oftentimes, the conversations are about something I’ve missed completely. Considering the number of late-night bus breakdowns I’ve slept through, I’ve woken up to read my fair share of bus-related messages.

“Drum bus is on the side of the road.”

“Have you called the bus company yet? 

And so on and so forth.


And sometimes the conversations are short and simple. Like when they deal with shuttling drivers, or when someone needs a trainer at a particular spot around campus. Or sometimes it’s about where the post-show snack will be. (On the other side of the stadium last night. Thanks Janice and Bert Castro!)

Other times, problems are a bit more complex and require a more drawn-out conversation.

You’d never know the soundboard issues we were having last night, thanks to the quick work of Steve Scher. But in the hours leading up to last night’s show, the soundboard was all anyone could talk about. That’s an issue that’s not fully resolved yet, so I expect to read more behind the scenes soundboard chat this morning. 

Another drawn-out conversation from yesterday revolved around the admin RV. It started out simply enough.

“Left a voicemail at a nearby repair shop.”

And then things progressed. Turned out Billy from Billy Thibodeaux's Premiere RV, Inc. was excited we were in town and could take a look at the RV that same day.

After coordinating the travel to Billy’s, the conversation got a little too technical for me. There was some talk of intake valves, filters and a throttle shaft. All I could take away from that was that our admin RV was fully functional again.

As The Cadets continue the southern leg of tour, there’s really no telling what sort of interesting conversations will occur. I can only hope that I’ve seen the last of the vehicle repair-related ones.



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