Three states, one day

The corps' southern tour is well underway

If you count our early-morning drive from Lafayette, La., the corps spent Tuesday traveling from Louisiana to our housing site in Irvington, Ala. to the show site in Ocean Springs, Miss. Three states in one day might not mean much back in the northeast, but it certainly means a lot of time on the road during the southern leg of tour.

As members woke up and made their way out of the gym, they were treated to an unusual sight: Saxophones. And sousaphones. And a number of other members that make up the Alma Bryant Hurricane Band.

Sharing the facilities was no issue, as there was more than enough room for both groups (and the volleyball camp happening inside). And with every part of the corps at one location, that left the admin team and myself with plenty of time to check out the site of Wednesday’s free morning.

But it turns out what was supposed to be a work errand ended up being a fun outing, as the beach morning was later scrapped in favor of a more suitable plan. (To be determined.) We got back just in time for dinner, where all three dinner sponsors — drivers John Zicha, Mike Rees and Ed Martin — were present.


Collectively they have more than 30 years of experience volunteering for The Cadets. Ed Martin, our favorite Canadian, has been driving The Cadets for 18 years. Mike Rees has been driving for eight. And John Zicha has been volunteering with us for five years, the past four as a driver. Interestingly enough, none have any affiliation with the corps, beyond a devotion to volunteerism.

And, as I typically seem to say on here, before we knew it, we were in Ocean Springs, ready to take the field. Mississippi turned out to be very good for us, as The Cadets ended up on top at the Mississippi Sound Spectacular.

This time around, the corps wasn’t just fueled by our wonderful meal sponsors, but also by the great crowd response at Greyhound Stadium. There was little time to celebrate, however, as the corps made its way back to Alma Bryant High School, where a great snack (provided by Virginia Morrison) was waiting for them.


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