Guard dads

Taking some time to appreciate the supportive parents of The Cadets

I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but yesterday was my day off.

I spent most of the day away from the corps, but I did get back in time for the final run-through. (Didn't want to stay on the mean streets of Chattanooga after dark.)

I was debating on whether or not I should post an update, when I started to overhear a conversation between a guard dad and a family with the Red Bank High School Band. 

This guy— Joe Klamert — knew his stuff. The conversation was focused mostly on WGI, which all pretty much went over my head. But at that point, I realized I found a topic for my next update: Guard dads.

Joe's been learning the ins and outs of the colorguard world since his daughter Shelby (right) first got involved with the Centerville High School color guard back in Ohio. From that point, they both got deeper and deeper into the activity, joining The Cadets in 2010 for Toy Souldier and Zydeco in 2011 for The Bad Guys.

He grew up in the world of sports, but has always been supportive of Shelby's more artistic endeavors, whether it was colorguard or orchestra. And he tries to go to as many shows as possible — such as Denver, Allentown or Massillon — when work and other obligations allow him to.

Since relocating to Knoxville, he was able to catch up with The Cadets during our stopover in Chattanooga. Admittedly, he had some trouble keeping track of Shelby on the field (much easier to do during a WGI show), but he was pleasantly surprised to see that she has a featured moment during Side by Side.


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