Rehearsal day in N.C.

The corps had a much needed break from competition on Monday.

I know The Cadets just had two straight rehearsal days earlier in the week — back on the 24th and 25th — but that didn’t stop Monday’s full day of rehearsal from feeling like a strange experience.

After two Tour of Champion shows and a regional, it seems as if it’s been nonstop competing for weeks now.

It wasn’t long after we rolled into North Carolina Central University in Durham, N.C. that everyone was taking the field, ready for the day. With a laundry night scheduled for Tuesday, it was a good day to get some changes worked into the show. 

And looking out on the field as the corps rehearsed (particularly as the guard rehearsed) I realized just how much everyone was trying to get accomplished today. There are quite a few additions to the show that should make a significant amount of difference for the audience. I know we can safely pull off these changes, it’s just a matter of which show to debut them.


I should also take the time to thank all of our meal sponsors for the day: Gary Noll for breakfast, the Stinchcomb Family for lunch, Robin Karpinski for dinner and Laura Doyle for snack. Normally I’m pretty good about getting photos and thanking every sponsor at every meal, but an emergency ice run meant I missed lunch and my photo opportunity. Whatever was for lunch, I’m sure it was delicious, and I’m sure the members greatly appreciated it.

Toward the end of the day, the corps moved onto just one field, as the community of Durham gathered on the other one we had been using. It was interesting to see the peewee football practice going on right beside our food truck; a few parents event ventured over and asked how much a meal was!

The day ended with a member night at the souvie booth, and a Hop talk. Then it was on the buses for the long drive up to Pennsylvania. 


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