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Mid - Atlantic States Expansion - Group Update

See which groups will perform on Saturday and Sunday

We are excited to announce that our Mid- Atlantic State Championship Event has officially been expanded to a two day extravaganza on November 2 & 3! Over the years we have run countless events at Navy - Marine Corps Stadium, and while beautiful, the city of Annapolis presents us with noise constraints that limit the “creation of sound” between 8 am and 9 pm. A successful single day event at this venue limits us to 40-45 bands maximum.  

After briefly closing the event to performing ensembles, we knew that the correct course of action was not to stop groups from attending, but to re-open registration and expand the show to a 2 day event. In order to maximize the number of participants we have decided to split the performing units so that the following groups perform on SUNDAY, November 3:


1 Open, 5 & 6 Open

3 A and 4A


The remaining groups will perform on Saturday. To reach this decision, many factors were taken into account including, but not limited to responses from already registered groups, travel distance from the stadium and the SAT’s, which are currently scheduled for November 2.  Sunday’s show will not be an all day event– Due to a race in the morning, we will start at noon at the earliest, and awards will run no later then 7 pm.

Bands who are unable to perform on the selected date, may have the option to move up a class or group size in order to still participate.  



If you would like to update your band data schedule OR register for the Mid- Atlantic State Championship you can do so here:

Interested directors can also contact any member of Team USBands by phone, 610-821-0345 or by email at or



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