Event Staff Retreat Training Materials

Presentations from Aug 2-3, 2013

Over the weekend of August 2 & 3 event staff from around the east coast gathered at YEA! headquarters for a retreat and training session to prepare us for the 2013 season. 

Saturday mornings discussion began with an overall vision of what we expect from our event staff. While the job description itself is not overwhelmingly difficult, we want to mold the type of person we put in these positions. 

Every one of our event staff members is considered a branch of the office – The director of USBands can’t be at every show and YOU are the face on the ground for us. We are looking for team members who can coordinate a great show, but also interact with performers and represent what USBands is truly about. Team members who are willing to go above and beyond for our bands, provide them with top quality customer service and ensure that each unit has a great experience with us. We might not be Disney, but we want our bands to keep coming back – Great event staff can be part of the reason!

On Sunday, we discussed what event staff can do to adapt at shows and how we can grow with the changing culture, technology and recruit younger members to the team. After that, the afternoon was spent assembling the show boxes and judge materials for the coming fall and got through the first several weeks of the season.

One of the main takeaways for the weekend for Jon Swengler was about the community that is created by USBands: “We are building better relationships between the office and our external event staff” he said “increasing the communication between both parties really makes us all feel like a team.”


Below is the overall presentation for the weekend, which includes discussion topics that were covered and contact information for the office.

Main Presentation 

Long time event staff veterans John Yurkin and Grete Terjensen also colaberated with other vets to compile presentations for coordinators and assistants, as well as tabulators. Those can be found here:

Coordinators / Assistant Coordinator



Want to join our team? View our fall schedule, and pick a show or weekend! The first few weeks of the season, we will train at most shows, and you can shadow any position.  Email Justin at Justin@yea.org with weekends! 


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