Cadets head into Indy

The Cadets have arrived at their final stop of the 2013 summer tour.

Life tip: When you’re driving your vehicle in the morning, and all the gauges suddenly drop, you should take that as a warning sign. For the admin RV, the warning was: My battery is going to die on the ride back to the hotel tonight. 

I know this storyline is getting a bit old and played out, so I won’t dwell on the details too much. Just know that everyone got back safely where they needed to be last night, and there’s a definite plan of action to repair the RV in the morning.

Of course, there are much more interesting storylines to follow these days: Will The Cadets pass Carolina Crown? Will Santa Clara Vanguard pass The Cadets? All will be revealed in a few short days.

Until then, the corps is giving it their all out on the field. For the next few days, we’ll be posted at Knightstown Community High School. On our first day in Knightstown, the Panthers couldn’t have been more welcoming, especially considering that school is already in session for them.


Their welcoming attitude was extremely helpful, considering this rehearsal day was a bit more hectic than most. Seemingly everyone was busy all day, prepping for the next three days at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Our sewing crew, for example, spent the day washing and altering uniforms. (Because we want the members looking and smelling good as they end the season.) That meant hauling all their equipment into the school and setting up shop on a ping-pong table.

Meanwhile, out on the field, The Cadets kept working on Side by Side. And at times, they worked side by side with a few football teams. But nothing could distract them yesterday; all maintained perfect concentration on the next three days ahead.


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