The End of the Road

Time for the last update from our side

Apologies for the delay in posting this final update. Understandably, it’s a bit difficult to find time to write on the day of Finals.

Saturday started off with the Breakfast of Champions, thanks to San Juan Music and several other generous donors. There was a TON of great food out, for both the members and the family and friends who showed up. After a bit of socializing, the crowd moved over to the field, for some words from George and the Age-out Ceremony. 

George had a lot to say about what the day meant, or at least, what it should mean to everyone. It’s not about what 10 green shirts say about the show at the end of the night. Nothing that insignificant should take away from what was accomplished in the season.

There were a lot more speeches with a lot of great stuff said, but we’d be here for a while if I recapped everyone.

Finally, after the age outs ran their victory lap and sang the corps song, rehearsal started for the day. The finality of it all really started to sink in, as every photo I posted that afternoon had the caption, “Last so-and-so of the season.”


By the time the last ensemble of the season wrapped up, admin Brendon Foley and I went on the last Walmart run of the season to pick up the super secret gifts for George and Bruno Zuccala. (Which sadly meant I missed my last chance to sell gloves during EPL.)

As we rolled into Lucas Oil Stadium for the third time this week, I’m sure it was starting to feel like second nature to the members and staff. And it wasn’t long before I was waiting in the tunnel with the pit, watching Santa Clara Vanguard.

Once the corps was on the field and the staff was up in the stands, it was time to watch Side by Side for the last time. (Well, time to watch it live for the last time.)

Needless to say, it was a great run. The Cadets took home the bronze medal and the Fred Sanford Award for best percussion performance. The rest of the night was a bit of a blur; as anyone who’s been to Finals can tell you, there’s a ton going on in the lot following retreat.

But somehow, everyone made it back to downtown Indy for the banquet on Sunday morning. It was certainly an emotional time as everyone said his or her thank yous and goodbyes.

And with that, I’m totally going to use for my own personal use:

In general, thanks so much to everyone for his or her hard work this season.

More specifically, thanks to the admin team for putting up with me all season on the RV. And it was comforting knowing that as I went through my rookie season, the medical team was right there with me in the same boat.

The season wouldn’t have been possible without our great crew of volunteers. If you can’t experience drum corps as a member, I’d highly recommend volunteering.

I owe a big thanks to the whole YEA! Marketing staff, particularly for taking a chance on someone who’d never been on tour before. I loved my time at DCI last summer (and it was great seeing all the office staff again this year) but these guys went above and beyond in giving me a great experience of what it’s like out on tour.

Similarly, it was good to meet so many of my readers out on tour. It always felt nice to meet someone and hear them say, “Oh! You’re Travis!” And it was great to meet everyone from the various corps this summer. (Which is hard not to do when you’re traveling to the same places all summer.)

And finally, thanks to George, the teaching staff and all the members. If it weren’t for all their work this summer, there would have been nothing for me to write about. 


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