Awards Banquet 2013

Congratulations to The 2013 Cadets on a fabulous season

On Sunday, August 11, 2013, The 2013 Cadets awoke as a corps for the very last time. But instead of donning tank tops, T-shirts, athletic shorts and worn-out tennis shoes and heading out to the food truck to fill their water coolers and unload the equipment truck, the girls were in the locker room straighening their hair and putting on dresses, while the guys' wardrobe ranged from polos and jeans to full-out suits, ties and dress shoes.

WestinSoon they were aboard their final bus ride to Indianapolis, but instead of Lucas Oil Stadium, their destination was the Westin Hotel just next-door.

Purple, red, orange and yellow centerpieces decorated the 40 or so tables in one of the hotel's large banquet halls, and a delicious brunch awaited the corps, complete with glass dishes and silverware.

Banquet is always a special time of reminiscing and recognition, and this one was no exception. Tears were shed, but there was much laughter as well, as the staff, volunteers and family members celebrated and honored The 2013 Cadets and their magnificent achievments as an ensemble in Side by Side.


In addition to many speeches and well-deserved awards, The Cadets got to watch some video footage put together specially for this event by Media Producer Dieter Wiselogel, as well as their DCI Finals performance.

Banquet_sing2013.jpgThen the 2013 ageouts were called up one by one to receive their certificates, and the rest of the corps gathered around them to sing "O Holy Name" as The 2013 Cadets one last, bittersweet time.

Keeping with tradition, the members of the corps gave gifts to their respective instructors, which were reciprocated by many awards given to exemplary Cadets. And while every Cadet deserves utmost recognition for their dedicated effort, we'd like to join the 2013 staff in recognizing the following recipients of awards for going above and beyond the already intense demands of a summer as a Cadet.

Cadets of the Year

In recognition of the leadership, commitment and hard work required of membership in The Cadets, we present this award to acknowledge efforts well beyond the call of duty.

Percussion: Alex Beltran
Colorguard: Jennifer Sanchez
Brass: Jesse Burbank & Bass Deese

Rookies of the Year

In recognition of the hard work, commitment and dedication required to become a Cadet, this award is presented for a fabulous performance during the summer of 2013.

Drumline: Alex Smith
Front Ensemble: Tyler Simmons
: Anna Greene
Brass: Kyle Menz &  Alex Bauer

Distinguished Service

for unselfish devotion and distinguished service as a member of The 2013 Cadets

Percussion                      Brass
Alex Ollivierre                   Ello Shertzer
Chad Grundon                 Chris Hidalgo
Christian Clark                 Corbyn Field
Nathan Kim                      Lisa Catanoso
                                         Mike McNeill
Dan Pfeiffer
Christy Hobby
Jonathan Clauss
Brooke Wheeler

Zildjian Award: Ben Ruiz

Captain's Awards

Drum Major: Zack Travis  
For your leadership and commitment as the Drum Major of the 2013 Cadets.
Your work was excellent,
your example was tremendous day after day,
you were a model Cadet
and for that we thank you, and honor you.

Colorguard: Lauryn Heller & Laney Duskin  
For your service and leadership as guard captains of the CBCCG, we are proud to honor you for the support and guidance you have provided the guard this summer of 2013.

Appreciation of Service
Kendall Stevenson & Joshua Gardner

For endless hours with no recognition, we thank you for your commitment to all The Cadets strive toward each and every day.

Volunteer of the Year: Helen Adams
Regardless the hour, you could be seen at the prop crew, with the Carrot Crew, driving, or sewing. You were quite simply a key member of so many different teams and we were thrilled to have you.  Countless hours, never a word of complaint, and simply a yeoman's work ethic. You were unbelievable.

Staff Member of the Year: Bruno Zuccala
For being, quite simply, a gift from Heaven. Thank you for your work on admin, with the guard and with the design team. And most importantly, thank you for your care of the members, volunteers and staff. We are beyond thrilled to have you as a part of The Cadets. You are the absolute best!!!!

Rookie Staff Member of the Year: Nicole Wedburg
From the West Coast to the East Coast, you were at most every block and every rehearsal, working, supporting, learning and teaching. You personify the commitment that makes a Cadet a Cadet. We are thrilled to have you on board. Thank you!!!

Carrot of the Year: Matt Hopkins
Matt came to The Cadets as an assistant cook. In a few days, he was THE cook, and for every day, and most every meal, Matt gave 18 hours a day to something he had never even heard of a few months ago. Thank you for feeding us all. Thank you for hanging in on the tough days and the long nights. And thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

MVP: Jay Travis
For the past three years, you have been Mr. Everything. From a driver of buses, to the builder of props, to the morning cook, to the vehicle manager, and so much more. And as the most coordinated golf cart driver in DCI, we thank you for your efforts, commitment and passion for The Cadets and all we do. You have been irreplaceable, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts 

2013 High Percussion 

And of course, a huge congratulations to the members of The 2013 Cadets percussion section, who received the highest score each night of Championships, earning them the 2013 Fred J. Sanford Award for best percussion performance.



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