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YEA! Offers Three Four-Month Positions w/ Full-Time Potential

Three great seasonal jobs available now

A note from CEO George Hopkins:

As we move quickly to September and the band season, we here at Youth Education in the Arts need some assistance.

Ideally, we would have some grand job searches that would lead us to fabulous and industrious business folks who would take control of departments, generate funds, create programs and shift the world of YEA! over the space of a year or two.

And we want that.

But today, what we NEED are fabulous human beings ready to leap into work who may not have the expertise but are hard-working, have time (perhaps between jobs or before teaching marching band in the evenings), or simply want to follow a dream.

  • We need people who can work from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. or some variation of that
  • We need people who are personable
  • Some of the positions require weekend work
  • You need to be able to take direction
  • Experience in sales would be fabulous
  • Passion for music and marching and an understanding of all that we do would be awesome

These positions will run from September 1 to December 21, 2013. Thanksgiving vacation will be paid, and any weekend commitments will mean additional salary.

Interviews will begin no later than September 2, but if you can find me at a DCA show, in NYC, at a concert in Allentown or up working online at 2 a.m., I will hire you as soon as we see that you are the man or woman for the gig.

The positions are as follows.

USBands Finance Communicator

Some might call this the "bill collector," but with 700 bands and numerous invoices, the Finance Communicator will be the manager of communications. You will talk to the bands about the large events, assist the band directors in understanding ticketing and other concerns, and you get to talk to band parents and show sponsors about their events.

Rather than wait until a bill is due, we want you to be in communication with bands from morning to evening.

You will need to be awesome on the phone, you will need to be excellent at the written and spoken word, and more than anything you need to be understanding and willing to work to make a difference with our band directors.

Compensation will be about $600 a week plus bonus, and there is a possibility for full-time employment.

Merchandising: Instrument Sales Manager

We someone to follow up on and fulfill the numerous leads we have regarding sales. From silks, to props, to baritones, we are selling it all.

We had someone on this task, but he took a job teaching and left this past Friday.

We would love someone to take this on full-time, but if you are simply good on the phone, able to pack up a tuba and aggressive in chasing leads and thinking on your feet, this is a good job for you.

Our previous Instrument Sales Manager was paid a flat rate or commission, and his commissions were always higher than any fee. He had weeks of $1,000 in pay! Sell a marimba, sell a tuba, and life is good!

And again, it could grow into something. It’s kind of up to you.

P.S. – These gigs require employees who can get to the YEA! office in Allentown, Pa. Short-term living situations may be able to be worked out. Let us know your needs, and perhaps you can crash with others in the office for a few weeks.

Merchandising: Band Sales

This job involves managing the sale of soft goods at events from Texas to New Jersey. We will help you, but can you load a truck, set up and sell merchandise, and get other people to assist you by going to other events?

Unlike the instrument sales position, this is a cross between a manager and doer.

We will assist you in purchasing merchandise, but more than anything we need to get out to the events and sell, sell, sell.

This gig, to the right person, will pay $700 a week plus a good percentage of sales. You can certainly make $12,000 over the four months of the band and holiday seasons, and, if you are good, you have a job for life.


Send your resume and cover letter to George Hopkins at

What can you do? When can you start? Why should we hire you? How are you going to be the employee of the month at YEA!?


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