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Cadets2 Needs You in Year2

Sponsor a member's hotel stay this weekend


Last year, when Cadets2 took the field at the DCA World Championships for the very first time, it was the culmination of a long year of planning, hard work and a determination to bring the program to life. As they entered Navy & Marine Corps Stadium, standing tall and proud and looking pristine in their maroon and gold uniforms, nearly every member was new to the drum corps activity. Imagine that, a full corps of rookies!

Cadets2guard_flag.jpgThe members were fabulous, the was program stellar, and the staff supported them with not only the instruction the members expect, but with the true trademark of The Cadets’ programs: the life lessons that make the difference between just marching drum corps and an exceptional Cadets experience.

As Cadets2 puts the finishing touches on their 2013 program for this year’s Finals run, only a few days remain before the DCA World Championships at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis over Labor Day weekend.

And now we need you to play a part in the Cadets2 season. Here’s how:

While we are privileged to have been welcomed to the ranks of Drum Corps Associates, performing at Finals comes at a significant expense to the members and the organization, with the added cost of hotel accommodations. Championships alone represent nearly 20% of the entire budget for the corps each year!

This is why we are asking for your support.

We are inviting fans, friends and supporters of Cadets2 and the extended Cadets family to support the corps on their march to Annapolis by sponsoring a member for their appearance at the 2013 World Championships.


For $32, $62 or $92, you can sponsor one, two or three nights of accommodations during a Cadets2 member's trip to the World Championships!

For only $122, you will be able to sponsor the entire trip for a member of Cadets2 on their Labor Day Championship performances.

There are only 128 members of the corps, so these opportunities are extremely limited, and time is also short before Labor Day weekend, so we ask you to act fast!

Click here to view a drill chart and choose to sponsor a member of Cadets2. Help us make the second season of the corps as remarkable as the first. Thank you!



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