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Donor Pledges 50% Match for Donations This Weekend!

Now sponsoring a member helps the corps even more


trumpetlunge2013.jpgOn Sunday night, Cadets2 concluded their second season with a brilliant performance of Les Misérables. The staff couldn't say enough about how proud they were of the corps.

"Excellent Cadets2. You have a sense of class and discipline that separates you from others. I am proud to call you our own," Executive Director George Hopkins said after the corps' performance last night.

Here are some thoughts from Dave Shaw, a Cadets alumnus who was present at DCA Finals on Sunday night:

To those of you, like myself, who care about our Cadets, our understanding and support while they attempt to maneuver this new competitive highway is of paramount importance.

Our Cadets, at least from my perspective, were sensational tonight. Their performance made me very proud, and I believe, if you had been present, would
lesmisdrum2013.jpghave made you very proud as well. They conducted themselves like Cadets, they performed like Cadets, they have the work ethic of Cadets. They deserve our respect, our admiration, and our praise. They certainly have mine.

The audience in Annapolis gave Cadets2 what appeared to me to be the biggest ovation of the night, by a considerable margin. They were greeted with a roar of welcome and a sea of small French flags as they entered the field.

Cheers and applause continued throughout their entire performance, and as their performance drew to a close with the legendary "Z-pull," the entire audience seemed to be on their feet cheering.

So keep on doing what you're doing Cadets of Cadets2, because what you are doing is building towards what will someday soon be the undeniable. You did us proud this weekend, and all of us who believe in you and support you know that your future is bright and growing brighter with every new experience.

But whether you were able to support the corps at DCA Finals in person or not, your
Cadets_baritone_2013_vertical_crop.jpggenerous donation can go a long way to making the second season a success.

To help offset the cost of mandatory hotel rooms this championships weekend, our fans and friends have been challenged to help us end the season with remarkable success both on and off the field.

And now there's a way for your donation to go even further!

A very generous supporter of from Hackensack, N.J. has agreed to match every $2 donated with an additional $1, up to $2,000!

That's right! A 50% return on your investment to help C2 reach our $16,000 goal this weekend.

But there is a catch: We have to raise $4,000 by tonight, September 3 at 11:59, or we'll lose out on the generous offer!

So far, 108 of the 128 members of Cadets2 have been fully sponsored for the weekend. If we are able to sponsor the remaining 20 members at $122, PLUS the generous challenge grant, we will beat our goal of $16,000!

Are you with us? Then click here and Sponsor a Spot in the drill.

It's time to cheer on Cadets2 to amazing heights on the field and help the corps achieve our goals off the field as well!

We'll be releasing a video recap of the DCA Championships weekend tomorrow, but you can view these clips of the brass and percussion sections' warm-ups now:

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 5.10.37 PM.png
Hear the brass.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 5.10.25 PM.png
Hear the drumline.



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