Important Venue Announcement: USBands Freedom Cup

Location change finalized for Oct. 12 event

25th anniversaryDuring the spring, Team USBands was very excited to secure the University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field to host the Freedom Cup in Philadelphia, PA on October 12. It was clear that the show would need 35 to 40 bands to move forward, and with the stadium reserved, the team began signing up bands to join in the excitement.

Within weeks of registration, there were 16 bands from several neighboring states signed up for the event, including the renowned IUP Marching Band (Indiana University of Pennsylvania). Many of the groups even planned a full Philly weekend surrounding the Freedom Cup.

However, as the summer came and went, band sign-ups came to a halt for various reasons, and the Freedom Cup simply didn't have enough bands to fill out the day. August drew to a close, and it became clear that a change needed to be made. 

After researching several options, Upper Moreland High School seemed like a great alternative, despite the unfortunate reality that bands wouldn’t get the venue they had planned and hoped for. However, we could not assimilate the needs of various associations and constituencies, thus necessitating a third alternative.

So, after a call to our friends at Nazareth Area High School, here is the final version of the Freedom Cup -- or perhaps we should change the name to the Nazareth Cup:

The October 12 event will be held at Nazareth Area High School in Nazareth, PA. The Freedom Cup will be merged with an event which already has 14 participating bands scheduled, giving this show a championships feel mid-season.

  • Nazareth provides a quality venue and wonderful support, with a turf field and 4,200 seats on the home side.
  • The registration fee for the Freedom Cup has been waived for all participating bands.
  • We are pleased to announce that the IUP Marching Band has agreed to relocate with us -- a great way to cap off the evening!


By combining the judging panels for two different events, we end up with an all-star panel of adjudicators for this new “Nazareth Cup.” In addition, three clinicians will work as a team to provide immediate feedback directly to each band and their staff when they leave the performance field.

That's a total of nine valuable evaluations in a great stadium to make for a fantastic experience for students, instructors and spectators alike.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and flexibility with this unique set of circumstances. We look forward to providing exceptional service at Nazareth Area High School on October 12!


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