Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Vitale

Why Linda says volunteering is good for the soul

Hello Volunteer Nation. Allow us to introduce the wonderful and talented Linda Vitale. She lives in a New York City suburb and volunteered at the USBands Yamaha Cup at MetLife Stadium this past weekend. This is her volunteering story.

Linda Vitale became a volunteer with USBands due to her involvement with The Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps. She is a beloved leader of The Cadets' sewing team year-round, so you just may have seen her work before! Linda crafts the beautiful, handmade purses, pillows and other items out of retired Cadets uniforms.

Drum corps and marching band have been in Linda's blood since the 1960s when she marched in a drum corps herself. She remembers that volunteers were instrumental in keeping the marching arts experience available to the members, so today she sees volunteering as a way to pay it forward. After raising three children and developing a successful career, she now she enjoys spending some of her spare time volunteering for The Cadets and USBands.

Linda w merchandise[1].png

During the fall, Linda helps at the USBands merchandise, video, air grams and candy grams booths at regional and national events.

During a volunteering shift, she says that volunteers are entertained with unending music. "Band after band, energizing beats and sounds drift to every area of the arena, and we get a free pass to the concert!" she said. "You may find yourself singing the words to the tune, tapping your feet or maybe even marching in place."

Linda truly enjoys being in the presence of these marvelous young people, whether she's on tour with The Cadets or at a USBands competition. "The students have boundless energy and look forward to their futures with enthusiasm -- qualities that so many of us workerbees forget to keep alive in our daily lives," she said.

And in addition to all the positive energy, Linda said she has met many terrific folks through volunteering for USBands. "You'll find that a volunteer arrives at a venue with a smile on their face, and their first question is 'How can I help?' " she said. Before you know it, you're laughing, swapping stories and making things happen together.

"I recommend that everyone considers becoming a volunteer, whether it's for one event, one season or a career," she said. "Set an example for your children who will volunteer by example, and keep the volunteering spirit alive for future generations. Volunteering is nourishment for your soul."

If you're interested in finding out more about being a USBands volunteer, click here to read about our 4 Hours 4 Music program, or e-mail our volunteer coordinator, Ashley Pittman, at ashley@yea.org.


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