Somerville HS Performs on Monday Night Football

Giants & USBands partnership leads to HS band NFL half-time performance


Since the very first competition held at Giants Stadium in 1988, USBands has built a longstanding partnership with the NY Giants' stadium staff.

This relationship has only grown stronger in recent years with the opening of MetLife Stadium and USBands' growth to bring in about 100 bands and 10,000 students to perform at MetLife annually.

So when the NY Giants requested a high school marching band to perform during half-time at one of their 2013 home games, USBands was more than happy to oblige, and Group V A Yamaha Cup Champions Somerville High School was thrilled to accept the Giants' invitation.

The band took the turf at MetLife Stadium for the second time this season during NFL half-time on Monday, October 21, 2013 during the Giants vs. Vikings game, but this time Somerville was surrounded by a crowd on all sides.


"Monday night was an incredible experience for the kids," said Matt Krempasky, band director at Somerville HS. "Standing in the tunnel, they were petrified. They were also about two feet off the ground. Once they rushed onto the field, though, they performed their hearts out. What a great night."

Krempasky said that the funniest part of the evening happened as the band was leaving the field after their performance: "One of the guard girls ran up and hugged Steve Weatherford, the punter for the New York Giants!"

Congratulations to the Somerville High School Marching Band on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform at the home of the next Super Bowl.


You can check out more pictures and a video of the performance on their Facebook page.


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