Missing Piccolo Provides Opportunity for Act of Kindness

A generous gesture amidst National Championship competition

Just 10 minutes after her USBands National Championship performance as a member of the Pride of Jack Britt High School Marching Band from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Kaelyn (left) graciously handed her piccolo over to USBands Assistant Event Coordinator Ben Regalado without hesitation.

2girls1piccolo.JPGThe Chattahoochee High School Marching Band from Johns Creek, Georgia, was scheduled to take the field in just 5 minutes, and Divya (right) didn't have her piccolo. It was accidentally left behind back in Georgia, a daunting 844 miles and a 14-hour bus ride away.

"I was told Divya is not a hugger, but I saw her hug her assistant band director and nearly cry with relief before taking the field with Kaelyn's piccolo in hand," Regalado said.

She was able to return the piccolo during the Awards Ceremony at MetLife Central, with hugs and smiles and conversation.

Ben Regalado also noted that, when it was originally thought that a clarinet was needed, two other generous Jack Britt High School students were ready and willing to give up a clarinet and a brand-new reed.

Amidst the heat of Nationals Competition, moments like this remind us that the marching arts are truly a stage for magnificent young people, not just magnificent performances. Making music together teaches life lessons that unite students across high school rivalries and state lines.

Thanks to Kaelyn and the Pride of Jack Britt Marching Band for their generosity, and to Ben Regalado for capturing the moment and sharing the story with us!


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